How to Order

To buy a Relation Creations' print, create a user account by registering, upload a family tree chart, then choose a design for the print by selecting a theme and its options. Each of these steps is easy. Our use of industry standard encryption makes each step safe and secure.


Registering a new user account is covered in detail on our "User Accounts" page. All that needs to be done is to fill in the form on our registration page with an email address and a password. Charts can then be uploaded to the account.

Registering carries no obligation to buy anything.

Uploading a Family Tree

Relation Creations accepts charts in GEDCOM format and as PDF forms. To upload a family tree chart means to send it to our website. It will be stored in a user account and be available for ordering relation creations. Our "Uploading a Tree" page explains how to upload a chart. All that needs to be done is to enter a name for the chart on the tree upload page and choose a GEDCOM file or a PDF form to be uploaded.

Our prints are a fixed size, so we can only fit so many people in the available space. Also some family tree types give us more options for creating an attractive design than others. Our "Suitable Family Trees" page explains what types of charts are most suitable. If you have questions about whether your chart will make a good relation creation then upload your chart and use our contact page to ask. We will be happy to give an opinion.

Ordering a Print

Ordering is done by selecting a previously uploaded family tree chart. A theme, which is the overall look of the print, is then chosen. Next a set of objects used to represent persons is selected followed by the canvas and the border color. Knowing where the print will be hung will help in selecting a border color that will match the decor.

  • A theme's set of person objects
  • A theme's canvas
  • A theme's border
  • The resultant relation creation print
    Relation Creation

The diagram above shows how a theme's elements combine to make a relation creation. The "Design Themes" page explains this more fully.

Print Options

In addition to a print's design, there are several options that are chosen. They are the print orientation, an optional title, and whether names and birth-death dates will be printed around the perimeter of the chart.

Diagram of a portrait orientation print.
Diagram of a landscape orientation print.

Print orientation is whether the print is taller than it is wide or wider than it is tall. The diagram to the left depicts portrait orientation. The diagram to the right depicts landscape orientation.

A title for the print is placed at the bottom of a chart. It is optional and can be left off the print. Note that the name for a chart that is chosen when a family tree is uploaded has nothing to do with the title printed on a chart. That name is just a way to remember which of several uploaded trees is which.

In addition to choosing print orientation and a title, information can be placed around the edges of the chart. This information augments the names written on the objects that represent people. It includes people's names, their birth dates, and their death dates.

Leaving a title or edge information off a print enlarges the amount of space for the canvas area of the chart. Our "Print Orientation" page has a more detailed explanation of print orientation and options for including a title or edge information.

If more than one print of the same design and options for the same family tree is ordered then there will be a discount on the price. Our "Print Prices" page explains the multiple chart discount.


After entering your billing and shipping address, you will be taken to our payment processor. We currently use PayPal. For your security we do not store any credit card data on our systems. We prefer to let our payment processor handle that to give our customers the best protection.

You do not have to have or create an account to pay with PayPal. On the payment page there is an option titled "Don't have a PayPal account?" By clicking that option, you can pay with any major credit card without an account.

After Submission

After your order is submitted, we will immediately begin working to make your relation creations. We start by examining your family tree charts. If there are issues with fitting them to our designs then we will contact you via email to work out the issues.

After we create designs for each of the charts in your order, images of the designs will be emailed to you so that you can okay the design and arrangement. If you are not happy with the design then we will gladly create new arrangements for you. In some cases we may send you multiple designs and allow you to choose which one you like the most. With your okay we will print your charts then mail them to you.

What If there Are Problems?

If you have problems with your order then you can contact us with our "Contact Us" page. We will try our best to solve your problem.