Print Orientation & Options

We offer two choices for the orientation of a print, portrait orientation and landscape orientation. We also offer choices for information that is printed on the border. This information includes a title and people's birth and death dates. The title or the dates can be left off a print.

Print Orientation

Portrait and landscape orientation prints are available. Both measure thirty-six inches on the long side and twenty-four inches on the short side. Portrait orientation is taller than it is wide, and landscape orientation is wider than it is tall. The diagrams below depict this.

Diagram that shows the dimensions of portrait and landscape orientation prints

Portrait orientation is so named because it is traditionally used for portraits of people. Landscape orientation is usually used for pictures of landscapes. The orientation matters little for Relation Creation's prints. In general, the border information options described below have slightly larger canvas areas in the portrait orientation than they do for in the landscape orientation. So the orientation that best fits the location it will be hung should be chosen.

Keep in mind that most frames will add an extra two inches or more to each dimension.

Border Information Options

In addition to choices for print orientation, there are options for the information displayed on the border. Usually a customer chosen title is put at the bottom of a print plus the birth and death dates of the persons in the family tree are placed around the edges. Both of these can be left off a chart.

The usual configurations for titles and edge dates are listed below.

  • Title and Edge Dates

    This is the usual configuration. A title is printed at bottom. Around the edges are printed each of the chart's persons has their name, birth date, and death date. This configuration has the smallest canvas area.

  • Title and No Edge Dates

    This configuration has no edge dates but still includes the title. The canvas area is enlarged over the first configuration.

  • No Title and No Edge Dates

    With no title and no edge information, this configuration has the largest canvas area. This leads to a subtle design with nothing to give it away as a genealogy chart except for the labels on the objects drawn on the canvas and the thin connections between options. From afar the print will look like an abstract art design.

Portrait Orientation Border Options

The following diagrams show the border information configurations and how the canvas changes with the configuration.

Portrait orientation with title and edge dates Portrait orientation with title and no edge dates Portrait orientation with no title and no edge dates

Landscape Orientation Border Options

The landscape configurations are shown below. As shown, the configuration with a title and edge dates has the smallest size of any of the portrait and landscape configurations.

Landscape orientation with title and edge dates Landscape orientation with title and no edge dates Landscape orientation with no title and no edge dates