Uploading Family Trees

Uploading a family tree chart means sending a chart to our website. It will be stored in a user account where it can be ordered as a relation creation. We accept charts as GEDCOM files and as PDF forms. Visit our "GEDCOM Files" page to learn about software packages and Internet sites that can be used to create a family tree in GEDCOM format. Visit our "PDF Forms" page for electronic forms that can be downloaded and filled out with a family tree.

Uploading to Our Website

Being registered and logged into a user account is required to upload a family tree. Our "User Accounts" page explains how to register and how to use a user account.

On the "Upload Tree" page, fill in the form with a name for the chart. The chart name is a way to refer to the chart. When there are multiple trees stored in an account, the name is a way to remember which tree is which. The user account page uses these names to list all the charts that have been uploaded to the account.

After choosing a name for the chart, click the "Choose File" button. Select a GEDCOM or PDF file on your computer then click the "Upload Tree" button at the bottom of the form. Wait for the family tree file to be sent to us. After the upload completes, the chart will be available for ordering and the user account page will include the chart in its list of uploaded trees.

Sending Charts by Email

If for some reason there are problems uploading a chart to our website then we can arrange to receive it by email. Register an account then use the "Contact Us" link on the bottom of our site to ask. Please include an email address.

Number of Stored Charts

There is no limit to the number of family trees that can be uploaded to a user account, so a chart for one of the family can be uploaded, another for the other side, and still another for both.

How Long Are Charts Stored?

We try to store family tree charts as long as possible. Charts should remain available for printing for at least a year.

We can delete an uploaded chart upon request. Make a request using our support page and be sure to include the account's email address so that we know which account to delete the chart from.

Get Our Opinion About a Chart

If there are questions about whether a family tree would make a good relation creation then upload it. Use the "Contact Us" page to ask us to examine the chart. We will email our opinion and may suggest changes that will make a better print.